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High quality cosmetics that bring anti aging solutions for your skin. Effective, exclusive and demanding, with a big R+D+I effort and limited production.


Elisabeth Vargas Advanced Cosmetic is the result of more than 20 years of experience in the high quality professional cosmetics sector and with the contribution of health and beauty prestigious professionals.


Our commitment is to give our products the highest last generation actives concentration , some of them awarded in international fairs due to its effectiveness.


We collaborate with prestigious beauty salons: we analyze the situation of your skin and recommend you the most suitable cosmetic, measuring regularly the result with special digital devices for skin measurement that show the evolution in the skin and assure a short, medium and long term effects.
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More than 20 years of experience in top quality cosmetics

Elisabeth Vargas Advanced Cosmetic is the result of more than 20 years of experience in the top quality professional cosmetics, working with prestigious brands and due to the implication of different medical, biology, chemical, aesthetics and homeopathy specialists, together with the increasing of the demand in effective home care products tested with strict analysis made with the newest devices in skin diagnosis and body morphology. And being a truly complement of the latest technics of treatments in cabin, as for the treatments with last generation machines.

This project starts as a sincere tribute to Elisabeth Vargas Baltanas, prestigious aesthetician, professional, honest and good person, died in 2011 victim of cancer.



25 years: The aging starts to be visible and old cells are slowly replaced.
30 years: thin wrinkles appear with the colalgen and elastyn deterioration, and the delicate skin under the eyes start to loose thickness.
40 years: start to form deeper wrinkles around eyes and mouth. Groove appears in forehead and under eyes, a rounded wrinkles that can become bags. Skin gets visibly dry.
+45 years: Skin loses thickness, in part due to the hormonal changes, and becomes more sensitive to environment factors, irritating and allergenic. Most of the strength and skin elasticity disappear.
+50 years: Start to appera age stains, very common in more tan 90% of light skinned people.

Elisabeth Vargas Cosmetic brings real solution anti aging, measured periodically by the most new analysis machines of the market.


Global anti-aging face care for your skin

The cutaneous aging is mediated by the effects not only the natural aging for the pass of time (intrinsic aging), but also the environment agent (extrinsic aging) that affects its cellular and extracellular components. It is a complex biological phenomenon that consist in two clinical processes and biologically independent, that affect the structure and function of the epidermis simultaneously. Both aging processes have biochemical and molecular ways, which converge around the function of the reactive species of the oxygen, also known as Free radicals, which cause the skin being the first organ of aging, presenting the following histological changes:

1. Emaciation of the cutaneous surface, with flattening of the dermo-epidermical crests, losing a 20% of the dermis thickness.
2. Decline of the cutaneous lipids formation. This deficit is involved in the loss of the epidermis protective barrier.
3. Decrease of the cellular mitosis, what takes to a minor epidermal renovation and repair.
4. The collagen of the epidermis degrades.
5. Fibroblasts decrease in number and activity
6. Elastic fibers and reticulin are disorganized leading to an intercellular matrix with hyaluronic acid and chondroitin sulfate altered.
7. Cutaneous dehydration because of the destructuration of the supporting fibers.
8. Circulation decreases, forming artery-venous communication, thickening of the vascular wall. It reduces the capability of dermal arteries vasodilation- vasoconstriction, which shows as a decline of the cutaneous temperature.
9. There is a cellular metabolic decrease, which entails to a cellular oxidation.
2. Descenso de la formación de lípidos cutáneos. Este déficit está implicado en la perdida de la barrera de protección de la epidermis.
These changes lead to a less efficiency as a barrier, dry skin, alteration of the inflammatory response, slow and anomalous healing an in general, minor response to the external aggressions.

Logic Cream

Through this special and extraordinay cosmetic, the team who make posible Elisabeth Vargas Cosmetic pretend top ut next to you a product that makes easy the daily routine of the skincare, to people who are suffering the consecuences of a very aggressive treatment in their organism, where the skin, which is the organs protector but also communicator, that shows then, through the sensitivity and altered hydration, its real state. We don’t want to skip the real case of very active skin, more and more sensitive, and the celiaquia patients. For all of them we introduce you LOGIC CREAM created with care and coddle. Rich in hydrating oil, regenerating, calming actives and vitamins and, of course, without fragrances and perfumes.

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Línea Logic Cream


The progressive shortening of the telomeres during the cellular division process or mitosis, trigger the senescents processes on the skin. The telomeres shorten in each celular cycle, restricting the number of divisions and as consequently, the life of cells. IKIGAI and IKONO SPF 50, lead to the expression of the telomerase (ribonucleoprotein), which function is add the DNA pieces, that telomere loses in each cellular division, preventing the shortening itself, extending the number of division of the cells. We talk about the enzyme that delays in a effective way the aging and death of the cells. During the continued use of the intensive treatment cream IKIGAI and the protective anti-aging cream IKONO spf 50, we get to stop the entrance of the skin in the senescent stage, but also increasing the number of replication of the fibroblasts. It is, therefore, a real Stop of the biological aging.
Elisabeth Vargas Cosmetic, in addition of the daily use of Ikigai and Ikono Spf 50, also recommends:
• Avoid the chronic stress and job burnout.
• Mediterranean Food and exercise practice regularly.
• Moderate alcohol consumption.
• Cope with stressful situations as a challenge and not as a threat.

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Senescence line

Senescence Cream and Serum activate the repairing, metabolic and biochemistry cutaneous functions that skin loses from the 40s. giving the strength that is needed to recover the thickness, smoothness and brightness, turning it into a visibly younger skin.
Its mission is to fight the malfunction of cutaneous cells, which triggers into the programmed death of the cells or apoptosis: as the senescence cells can’t be divided, its DNA is full of damage that can’t be repaired.
The cutaneous aging is defined as a “serial of histologic and clinic changes that affect the epidermal cell turnover, thickness and cellularity of the dermis function of the sweat and sebaceous glands, termoregulation and immune response that derive to: atrophy, dryness, fragility and wrinkles”. These are regressive changes in the skin structure, which take part of a complex biological process where there is a decrease of the homeostasis and a higher inability of the organism to respond to stress. There we find a contribution not only by the chronological changes but also the skin photo-aging.
Cutaneous intrastructural investigations have shown that the chronological aging starts at 30s, the decrease of the content of collagen and bone mass is started at 40s.
When we get old the telomeres get short, leading to the stop of cellular cycle or apoptosis and DNA instability.
Some cytokines disturb the functionality and reduce its receivers, leading to the senescence of the skin, with different kind of cells as fibroblasts. In addition to the free radicals that disturb and increase the lost of functional activity in all the cutaneous structures.
To stop the complex process of cutaneous aging and activate cellular metabolism it has a very relevant role the capability of answer and repair that the skin can develop through the senescence of EV cosmetics.

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Línea Senescense
Factores de crecimiento


The growth factors are proteins that regulate and make a mediating role between cells and its interior. These proteins are capable of alter the growth, the creation and cellular differentiation and accomplish the important task of maintain the structure of a healthy skin. They work locally in the cells that segregate and the adjacent cells. All kind of cells that establish the structural components of the epidermis and dermis, in which we find the fibroblasts, keratinocites and melanocites, produce growth factors. They act as messaging molecules. And stimulate the biochemical ways that produce repair and regeneration of the cutaneous tissue, becoming a cellular function stimulating.
It realizes the following functions:
1.- regulates the cellular function in changes produced by keratinocites, which contribute to renewal and epidermical reparation.
2.- It increases the elastic consistency of skin and its hydration due to the increase of hyaluronic acid in the intercellular matrix when the fibroblast function is activated.
3.- Repair cellular damage produced by sun.
4.- Indirectly they have an anti-oxidant action when superoxide dismutase increase.
5.- Improve the macromolecule and ions transport in the cell when the systems of the membrane calcium dependents.
These substances have a promising future in medicine and anti-aging aesthetics.
Our Sublime and P53 lines incorporate the growth factor Beta-2 and the epidemic one respectively.

Sublime Line

Elizabeth Vargas Cosmetic presents this new line of products for home use as a breakthrough for global facial rejuvenation, after 45 years.
In the daily use of Sublime Line, we can stop effectively the factors that influence the aging of face and neck in all its evident signs:
- Front and globular rows
- Decrease of the outer third of eyebrow and lower eyelid
- Bags and wrinkles pelpebral and periocular
- Drop of nasal tip
- Accentuation of pasogenian groove, mouth commisure and peribucal wrinkles
- Loss of lip volume

Sublime Line
P53 Line

P53 line

Rejuvenating line, repairing and genomics activator of the skin, recommended from the 50s.
The intrinsic aging of the of the skin is caused mainly because of the progressive shortening of the telomeres and aggravated because of the oxidative damage, produced because of the oxidative stress that becomes an imbalance between the production of free radicals and the activity of the antioxidant defense. The problem increases when because of the years, the endogenic antioxidant mechanisms and repairing processes don’t work effectively. In addition, there is a fall in some sexual hormones production as the estrogens, testosterone, DHEA and so others as thyroids, growth hormones, insulin, cortisol, melatonin, decompensate the epidermal lipid synthesis, triggering the changes in the barrier function. After menopause, with the estrogenic decrease, skin becomes thinner, loses its tightness and deep winkles and stains appear, and there is a decrease of the Vitamin D3 production in the epidermis.
The most important molecule of control in our organism is the protein P53, also known as the Guardian of the genome. The cutaneous aging process has a very important role in the capability of answer and repair that the cells can generate.
For all this, Elisabeth Vargas Cosmetics offers the daily home treatment P53, a formula that contains growth factors that act as a guardian and cellular activity activator, combined with last generation actives to fight all aging and senescence signs of our skin from the 50s.
P53 revert the cutaneous aging signs controlling the capability of the skin to repair itself through a suitable combination of actives that obtain the potential for significant repair.

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