Logic Cream

For all of them we introduce you LOGIC CREAM created with care and coddle. Rich in hydrating oil, regenerating, calming actives and vitamins and, of course, without fragrances and perfumes. In its actives we can highlight:
- Ocaline: provides calming effects and anti-erythema
- Laureth- 9: calming properties and relieves itching
- Olive oil: emollient, anti-oxidant and tonifying
- Avocado oil: high moisturizing power and emollient. Rich in Vitamin A, D and E
- Rosehip oil: protects, hydrates, regenerates and is anti-aging
- She abutter: nourishes, hydrates, protects, decreases the irritation and improves the smoothness of the skin
- Three waxes complex: jojoba, mimosa and sunflower. Increases the hydration, reduces the loss of trans-epidermical water, improves the skin appearance and protect from sun
- E Vitamin: powerful free anti radicals, hydrating and regenerating
- Esssential fatty acids: hydrating, protective and reforces the lipidic barrier
- Milk lipids: provide essential fatty acids and prevent the cutaneous dehydrating
- Ceramides: improve the epidermic barrier, reduce the loss of water and maintain the cutaneous hydrating
- Water of roses: anti-aging, anti-oxidant and fotoprotector
- Chamomile water: anti-aging, anti-oxidant and fotoprotector
- Aloe Extract: anti-inflammatory, hydrating, softener and regenerating
- Hyaluronic acid: stabilizes the skin structure and protects it. It helps to maintain the hydration and gives the skin back its natural hydration and firmness
- Niacidamide: contributes to unify the skin tone
Once again, we hope you’d like it, and surprises you at the same time.

The growth factors are proteins that regulate and make a mediating role between cells and its interior. These proteins are capable of alter the growth, the creation and cellular differentiation and accomplish the important task of maintain the structure of a healthy skin. They work locally in the cells that segregate and the adjacent cells. All kind of cells that establish the structural components of the epidermis and dermis, in which we find the fibroblasts, keratinocites and melanocites, produce growth factors. They act as messaging molecules. And stimulate the biochemical ways that produce repair and regeneration of the cutaneous tissue, becoming a cellular function stimulating.
It realizes the following functions:
1.- regulates the cellular function in changes produced by keratinocites, which contribute to renewal and epidermical reparation.
2.- It increases the elastic consistency of skin and its hydration due to the increase of hyaluronic acid in the intercellular matrix when the fibroblast function is activated.
3.- Repair cellular damage produced by sun.
4.- Indirectly they have an anti-oxidant action when superoxide dismutase increase.
5.- Improve the macromolecule and ions transport in the cell when the systems of the membrane calcium dependents.