Sublime Cream TGF-BETA 2

Excellent anti aging product, that incorporates an excellent emulsifier and very soft to skin. It also has a new growth factor named PLANT TGF-BETA 2, with a big capability of stimulate the repairing of aged skin bringing on the collagen synthesis and fibronectine. It acts stimulating the proteins expression of the extracellular matrix proteins, activated by collagen, fibronectine interin and glycosaminoglicans, imperative for hydration and rejuvenating of skin regulating, the prolioferation and cellular differentiation. It decreases the collagen degradation and activates the skin immune functions.
- It is also composed by urbiquinone, also known as coenzyme Q10, powerful anti oxidant and cell protective.
- Pristine bright: illuminates and unifies the skin tone.
- Melavoid: reduces stains and hyperpigmentation, attenuating the skin tone homogeneously and regularly.
- Revitalin: increases the content of oxygen in skin, with a big revitalizing capability.
- Marine collagen: reforces the hydrolipidic barrier, helps in the collagen restoration in the dermis, increases the elastic tone and re-structurate the morphology of surface of micro-cutaneous relief.
- Asiatic spark extract: stimulates the production of collagen, improves cutaneous micro-circulation and activates a protective function in front of oxidative processes.
- Oat extract: improves the dermo-epidermical barrier and helps to maintain the cutaneous hydration.
- Panthenol: regenerative properties.
- Almond oil: rich in A, B and E protein.
- E Vitamin: powerful anti-radical, hydrating and regenerating.
- Vegetal glycerin: hydrates immediately