Sublime Serum Eyes & Lips

Amazing serum for the eyes and lips contour, with the capability of adapt the skin to the current weather, fight the expression wrinkles, decreases he bags around eyes and illuminate skin. Due to its rich composition in:
- Argirelox: provides a powerful anti-wrinkles effect
- Eyereryl: tetra peptide that reduces bags around eyes
- Organic silicon: it stimulates the fibroblasts activity and firm tissues. It is also anti-inflammatory
- Lightening and illuminator actives made of organic flowers: decreases the melanin activity and stains, making them less visible
- Buckeye extract: anti-inflammatory and anti edematous, it acts against bags and orbicularis retention of liquids
- Arnica extract: hydrates, decongestion and stimulates micro circulation
- Calendula extract: gives the skin hydrating, calming and firming properties
- Caffeine: hydrating effects, decrease of fluids and attenuates wrinkles of cutaneous relief
- Ivy extract: regenerating, firming and traffic activator properties
- E Vitamin: powerful free anti radical, hydrating and regenerating
- Vegetal Glycerin: hydrates immediately